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Busfluence, LLC

what we did

1. UI / UX Design on each and every page

2. iOS and Android native development

3. Stripe payment integration for secure transactions

4. Chat feature for easy communication

5. Push and email notifications

6. Social Media Integration

7. Analytics and Reporting to track campaign progress


Busfluence is a marketplace platform designed to connect businesses with influencers, making it easier for both parties to collaborate and launch successful campaigns.

The Busfluence platform was created to simplify the process of connecting businesses with influencers. The team conducted extensive research and analysis to design a user-friendly interface and implement features such as secure payment integration and social media integration.

Throughout the development process, the team continually worked to improve the platform by adding features such as push notifications and ongoing maintenance and support. They also ensured the platform was secure and user-friendly by conducting thorough testing and gathering feedback from potential users.

Today, Busfluence is a thriving marketplace connecting businesses with influencers, thanks to the team's hard work and dedication. The platform continues to evolve and improve, ensuring it meets the needs of both businesses and influencers.

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