Feb 6, 2022


iOS / Android


College Marketplace


Rumie App LLC

what we did

1. UI / UX Design on each and every page

2. iOS and Android native development

3. Stripe payment integration for marketplace sales

4. Advertiser integration

5. Push and email notifications

6. Custom login for only .edu students


Rumie is a mobile marketplace for college students launched here in Oxford, MS.   We helped the rumie team develop their entire mobile app with payment integrations and mobile messaging.   We took their app from zero to launch in under 2 months.

The team began working on the design and development of the app. They worked closely with students and university administrators to ensure that the app would meet the needs of the users while complying with the regulations and policies of the university.

The development process was iterative, with the team constantly gathering feedback and making adjustments to the app. They focused on creating a user-friendly interface, a robust search functionality, and a secure payment system to ensure a smooth and safe experience for all users.

Finally, after months of hard work, Rumie was ready to launch.

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