Feb 14, 2023


iOS / Android


Labor Marketplace


Up4Grabs, LLC

what we did

1. UI / UX Design on each and every page

2. iOS and Android native development

3. Integration of secure payment methods

4. Review and rating system integration

5. Push and email notifications

6. Google Maps Integration

7. Custom login System

8. Integration of Advertising Partners


Get things done around the house.  Post a job for landscaping, mowing, painting, and much more!

The development of Up4Grabs began with extensive research into similar platforms, analyzing market trends and gathering feedback from potential users. The team then proceeded to design and develop the platform, focusing on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Custom features and functionalities were developed to meet the specific needs of the platform, including a search function and filtering options.

After several months of development and testing, Up4Grabs was launched.

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